Nearly everyone has heard of the legendary rock band Journey.

    In 1973 Herbie Herbert founded, managed and produced the multi-platinum record
    band while he pioneered and transformed the way we watch stadium concerts. The
    video screens and high-tech productions that dominate tours today were developed
    by Herbie's production company which we know today as Nocturne Productions.
    (  Nocturne is currently touring Elton John, Paul
    McCartney, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Metallica and Def Leppard just to
    name a few and of course, Journey.   

    So why mention this music trivia for "BACC Cobra's to the Coast" ?

    Well, Herbie Herbert besides being a legendary recording industry manager &
    promoter is also uncle to BACC's Andres Triplis.  Andreas mentioned to his uncle
    that we would be traveling past his home outside of Gualala  on "Cobra's to the
    Coast" and we were invited to stop by Herbie's home "Skibo" for our lunch stop.

    While there, we are invited to enjoy the trails which lead you around the vast
    property to fern grotto's, water falls, towering redwoods, garden's and the rugged
    pacific coast line from a number of vistas including "The Office." Also enjoy Herbie's
    flair for design in places like the Jerry Garcia Fire Circle or the Love Shack which
    houses some of Herbie’s personal collection of rock memorabilia.

    Among Herbie’s non-music endeavors:

  • Herbie was closely involved in helping save San Francisco’s Cable Cars in
    the early 80’s along with then Mayor Diane Feinstein he helped fund the
    rebuilding of the SF Cable Car system
  • As Supporter of human rights in the 90’s, Herbie championed the Free Tibet
    movement with the Tibetan Freedom Festivals, which drew over 100,000
    people and raised over $800,000 for Tibetan and social justice causes.
  • Long time relationship with San Francisco 49er’s and Eddie DeBartolo jr.
  • Entrepreneur and real estate investor      

    While we are being welcomed with 'Open Arms' , remember this is a private home
    and do respect Herbie's hospitality.
BACC Lunch at "Skibo"